© Camille Vivier

10LEC6 is a shape-shifting project formed around street-artist Simon and DJ-producer Jess (from the duo Jess & Crabbe). What started as a project based on the need and compulsion to play loud and hard music has earned itself a nice reputation as a live act and on the dancefloors. The band has had a song picked-up by the TV series Skins and toured with The Gossip. Influenced by the more danceable side of post-punk (Bad Brains, ESG, Gang of Four, The Slits…), but also by disco, house and other electro-deviant sounds, 10LEC6 is back with a new formation that accentuates the unstructured (dyslexic) quality of the project.

New singer Nicole has gospel roots and can also rap and shout in Bulu (a Bantou dialect spoken in the South of Cameroon), bringing a quality that is altogether Afro-punk, energetic, tribal, modern and, most of all, dancefloor. A great mix of rhythms and bass carried by traditional sounds and vocal incantations bursting out in a fiery flow. ‘Bedjem Mebok’ is the first extract of an upcoming album to come out on Ed Banger, the label that’s always looking for different ways to dance. The track comes with a collection of remixes made for the dancefloor: from an acid-house version by Full Circle (Alexis Le Tan’s trance project) to the ghetto music of young Lisbon-based prodigy DJ BeBeDeRa or the mental trance rework by Optimo’s JD Twitch. As a bonus, ‘What That Azz Do’, a remix of a cover of the song by the same name by DJ Funk. ‘Bedjem Mebok draws the contours of 10LEC6’s upcoming album Bone Bame, their third crazy fusion album of Bulu punk to come out next summer, perfectly summing-up 10LEC6’s hallmark: “A base line that nobody understands, crazy percussion and an earworm of a vocal gimmick”.

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