Boston Bun

© Karl Hab

Who is BOSTON BUN ? “I started to play bass guitar at 13, then I discovered Electronic music at 17, and it took me 10 different bands and projects to finally find my way.” Boston Bun, a 25 years old producer and DJ from Paris, finds his way in House Music. “My main influence is House Music, especially Vocal House, everything between 120 and 125 bpm that talks about pleasure, love and desire. With a big warm bassline”

Everything started with a mixtape project called “LEAN HOUSE”. The idea was to compiled and mixed some edits of the favorite house track of some of his favorite producers and DJs, chopped & screwed style. A couple of months after his remix of Maelstrom’s “HOUSEMUSIC” was released on Sound Pellegrino, and defined the Boston Bun’s aesthetic. “I build my music as I would build a club. A club where you feel good, where you meet people, where something special happens. I try to recreate both the mood and the acoustic of this ideal club” Mid 2012, Boston Bun meets Pedro “Busy P” Winter and makes him listen to what he was working on. Now they share a studio together, have couscous for lunch everyday.

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