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Feadz is a child of hip-hop. He started with scratch in the begining of the 90’s, and soon drew the attention of Paris’ undeground music scene with his various mixtapes and collaborations, either rap or electronic. He met Mr Oizo and he worked on the production of his first LP, «Analog Worms Attack», released on F-Communication in 1999.

In 2001 he release his first solo EP «High-B» on Ellen Allien Bpitch Control, followed by three more EPs during the next four years.

One day, he gave Pedro Winter a track his girlfriend sang on, a savant mixture of old school influences giving birth to the future’s music. The Uffie project was born. From their first hit single “Pop the Glock” Uffie sang and rapped her overexcited club kid frenzies all around the world for over three years alongside with Feadz.

They release many more EP’s and her long awaited debut “Sex dreams and denim jeans” in 2010 where Feadz share the credit production with Mr Oizo, Mirwais and Sebastian.

Between the Uffie adventure and his many remixes for artists such as Boys Noize,Todd Edwards Justice, and Modeselektor, Feadz found the time to release three more solo Ep’s on Ed Banger: «Happy Meal EP» in 2008, «PN*MB EP»in 2009 and «the Tuff EP»in 2010, Feadz shaped an unique sound between Kraftwerk and the Bombsquad, keeping sense of humor and experimentations in everything that he does .

This year he is also feature on the debut compilation of the promising label of Modeselector: Monkeytown (Siriusmo), The new Ed Banger compilation’Let the children techno’ and the new Boys Noize acid compilation .

Besides his respected work among those great europeans labels Feadz is higly recognized as a very talented DJ, with an hors pair dj technique and a great taste of selection

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