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The French duo formed by Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, is the band of a whole generation. When the two friends were still bright students in graphic design, in 2003 they made JUSTICE a place to experiment a hybrid genre between music and image, which blends pop and electronic borders, and showcases the talents of 2 fascinating passionate pop culture craftsmen, bored with hierarchy.

They met Pedro Winter who had just founded his label ED BANGER RECORDS, he immediately signs them after listening to “We Are Your Friends” which, with its joyful and vitamin-enriched electro beats combined with exhilarating voices, became the hymn of a whole generation and one of the most important tracks of the year 2000, celebrating a reconciliation of pop music and the dancefloor.

It was awarded an MTV Video Award in 2007, bringing about the famous live TV appearance with Kanye West outraged that his million $ clip was outclassed by a home-made bomb. (Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, Justice, Ed Banger and So_Me became a constant source of inspiration for Kanye and his superstar rappers colleagues. Kanye even employed So-Me as director for the video for his hit song “Good Life”), Jay Z will use D.A.N.C.E for his next album.

From now on, the duo’s ascent was constant and then lightning struck: remixes for N.E.R.D, Britney Spears, Franz Ferdinand, U2, Daft Punk, Lenny Kravitz and an EP in 2006 (« Waters Of Nazareth ») defining the “Justice sound”, this famous ultra-powerful compression of pop and baroque melodies, both dark and threatening; lightning and animative; and above all the famous Justice image, the cross from which an earlier version figures on the first EP.

2007 was the explosion that will turn the duo into the emblem of a whole generation: their first album « â€ « , anticipated like the Messiah, holds all the promises, and swept everything away as an epic soundtrack. « â€  » is more than a magnificent synthesis of our time: its potential definition.

800 000 sales worldwide and 4 years later, the album is considered as a mainstay of the 2000s puzzled and tonic, one of the few who bridged the gap from Pitchfork world to MTV without losing its

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